(BAMI) Project

AbuSulayman Center Host Major New Initiative on Black American Muslim Internationalism

We are deeply saddened by the terrible violence and loss of life in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank and are urgently concerned for the unfolding humanitarian disaster in Gaza as a result of the ongoing blockade, bombardment, and seemingly imminent invasion. Violent attacks against civilians on both sides cannot be justified or offer a path to resolving conflict. Both are condemnable without reservation, and the lack of distinction between civilian populations and the military is deplorable. We stand with those calling for an end to the violence, a genuine effort to advance a peaceful resolution between Israelis and Palestinians, and a humane acknowledgement and redress of longstanding injustices against a Palestinian population living under occupation, in order to advance a lasting peace, based on compassion, justice, and the recognition of shared human dignity. Given the University’s commitment to freedom and learning, we support the first amendment rights of our students and colleagues at Mason and beyond, as we believe an academic environment that allows for open and safe discussion can produce fruitful avenues for understanding and facilitate a path to peace.

Maria M. Dakake, Aminah Al-deen